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Get my Entire Rustic Candle Secrets "Done with You" Course

Learn How to Create FREEDOM with Candles, WITHOUT Working Your Life Away!

Perfect if you're a complete beginner to making candles (includes everything you need!)

Have you been Struggling to Make Candles for a while? Or have you wanted to get started but didn't even know where to begin? 
That Overwhelm can leave you feeling Stranded & Stuck!!! 😵‍💫

Or Worse... If you do try without the proper guidance and mess up you will get Discouraged and Stop All Together! 
Here are Common Mistakes made by Beginner Candle Makers...

Trust me, You are NOT Alone! I made All these Mistakes too...
But Giving Up was Not an Option because My "WHY" was so BIG!!! ❤️ 

And that Dedication is EXACTLY How 
I QUIT Trucking in Less than 1 Year...

My Broke Down Truck! 😢

My Dream was to be a full time work from home Entrepreneur. To have Freedom of my Time instead of being a Slave to it! I wanted to spend more time with my Family, Friends and my 2 Fur Babies. Not be gone all the time and then when I did have time "OFF"... I had to work on the Truck or Sleep so I'd be Ready to go again (Driving my Life Away!) Meanwhile living Paycheck to Paycheck, never getting ahead and 
never getting to Enjoy LIFE! 

But to be 100% Honest with you ALL I wanted was the Simple Things... 
Like to get a Hot Meal at the End of the Day!

Countless Nights I spent on the side of the road with "maybe" a cold sandwich or some Vienna sausages.

To get a Hot Shower at the End of the Day!

Most people think Truckers get to sleep at Truck Stops Daily and that is NOT True! Especially for Flat Bedders. I got Lucky to park up at a Truck Stop overnight maybe once or twice a week! So that's several nights without a shower and Yeah let me tell ya... When you can Smell Yourself, you KNOW its BAD!!! LOL

But my #1 (Dear to my Heart) Priority was...

To be home each and every night to tuck my 2 Boys into Bed! After being gone all the time & going through a Terrible Divorce... They were ALL I had Left! And I was sick and tired of leaving them behind with flakey roommates and constantly worrying about their safety while I was over the road.

THEN... After Discovering How to Make & Sell Candles on the Weekends:

 I was Finally able to QUIT Trucking!!!

 I got the FREEDOM to Work Full-Time from Home without Stressing Over Bills.

 But Most Important to me was that I was able to Spend More Time with my Boys! And tuck them in bed Every SINGLE Night. ❤️🐾

 So, if you have a Similar "WHY" 
All Your Struggles End Today...

Watch me Step-by-Step Teach you How to Make Candles in Your Kitchen...
Showing you Everything, Shortcutting the learning Curve & Giving You the TRADE SECRETS so you can make & sell candles too! 💰

Get the Step-By-Step Video Master Course That
Shows You "How to Make Several-Dozen Candles in Less 
than a Weekend WITHOUT any Prior Experience or Education."

...For Fun or Even for a Profit!!!

  • Rustic Candle Secrets: 10 Lesson (Done With You) Master Candle Course. ($2,995 Value)

$2,995 in Value!!!
But that's Not All, You will Also Get...

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls w/ Live Q&A's: ($1,997 Value)
  • Access to ALL Recorded Coaching Calls: ($1,794 Value)
  • Expert Support from Me... "E": ($1,499 Value)
  • ​Lifetime Access to All Course Updates: (PRICELESS)

$5,290 in Added Value!

The Candle Curriculum & Calculator Combo!

  • Common Candle Making Terms: $33 Value
  • Candle Measuring Chart: $27 Value
  • Candle Tool List: $27 Value
  • Candle Supply List: $37 Value
  • Candle Vendor Contact List: $300 Value
  • Candle Wax Calculator: $197 Value
  • Fragrance Load Calculator: $197 Value
  • Test Burn Guide: $97 Value
  • Test Burn Template: $37 Value
  • Candle Additives List: $27 Value

Think of this like Your Books & School Supplies Bundle for Class. Everything is All Included. I spent a ton of time making trial and errors, did loads of research both online and offline buying every Candle Making Book I could get my hands on. Then I was able to consolidate that knowledge into useful recourses and tools that will allow you to simplify candle making down to its core. Thus, drastically decreasing the learning curve & increasing the speed to your success. So, today I want to share them with you as part of the Rustic Candle Secrets Package. 
Giving You a 3 Year Head Start on your Candle Making Journey. 

These are All the Resources I Wish I would have had when I 1st Started Making Candles! I had to Learn the Hard Way, & Now You Don't!

A Total Value of $979

Plus... You get the 
Candle Making Journal

This allows you to follow along, take notes and create your own recipes, labels and more.

A $20 Value

And... the Candle Wicking Blueprint

This is a new resource I created that has literally everything you need to know about choosing the perfect wick for your candle and more.

A $57 Value

Plus, You also get to Take Your Pick... Included FREE!!!

Candle Making T-Shirt & Coffee Mug Combo ($65 Value)

Candle Making Simlified! No More Confusion, Just Straight Instructions On EXACTLY What to Do. (You Can't Find This Stuff on YouTube)

"Each & Every Month I make 100's of Candles in a Single Weekend right in my Kitchen. And I have been doing it Profitably for Years! In fact, this is what allowed me to Quit Trucking and go All in Working from the Comfort of my Home since 2021. And I can show you how to do the Same..."

-E. Stricklin (Owner, Creator & CEO)
Rustic Territory, LLC.

If you got $500 for working 1 weekend per month, what would that mean to you?

  •  Would you Get Caught Up on Bills?
  • ​Would you Buy Yourself Something Nice?
  • ​Would you Treat Yourself to a Fancy Dinner & Shopping Day?

If you got $1,500 for working 1 weekend per month, what would that mean to you?

  •  Would you STOP Stressing over Bills?
  • ​Would you Put it in Savings for a Rainy Day Fund?
  • ​Would you Treat Yourself & Your Family to a Nice Vacation?

If you got $3,000 for working 1 weekend per month, what would that mean to you?

  •  Would you Pay Off Debt?
  • ​Would you QUIT Your Job?
  • ​Would you Buy that New Car you have been Wanting?

If you got $5,000 for working 1 weekend per month, what would that mean to you?

  •  Would you Pay Off ALL Debt?
  • ​Would you Put it towards Retirement?
  • ​Would you Travel the World with Friends & Family?

Not Only is ALL of this Possible but You Can Create a 
Life of FREEDOM with Candles!!! I did... 🥰 So can YOU!

Please Note: There are No Income Guarantees. You must be willing to put in the work if you want to see Real Life Changing Results. 

But Don't just take my word for it, listen to these Reviews!

"I never considered making candles until I went through the Rustic Candle Secrets Course. It was very detailed and planned out. I was able to start making my 1st Candle very quickly by just following along. Highly Beginner Friendly!"

-Cathy P. (RCS) Member

"I think Making Candles is a Perfect Starter Business for anyone after taking this Course. I wish I would of thought of it to be honest. I actually own a Clothing Store in town and now I will be adding Candles to my shop. “E” makes everything Very Easy! What a Wonderful & Fun way to make money!"

-Kim S. (RCS) Member

 "I love Arts & Crafts and when I heard there was a Candle Making Course, I jumped at the chance to Take it! I found it very fun and relaxing, kind of like those Paint & Wine Classes. Except I brought my Own Wine!"

-Susan E. (RCS) Member

Again, Here is Everything You Get...

  • Rustic Candle Secrets: 10 Lesson (Done With You) Master Candle Course. ($2,995 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to ALL Course Updates: (PRICELESS)
  • Candle Curriculum & Calculator Combo: ($979 Value)
  • Candle Making Journal: ($20 Value)
  • ​Candle Wicking Blueprint: ($57 Value)

Total Value of $4,051!!!

PLUS... Get 3 HUGE Bonuses for FREE when You Confirm Your 
Upgrade To Rustic Candle Secrets Master Course Today! 


(DIY) Candle Making Cookbook
($97 Value)

 1st 30 People to Join Today Only!


Candle Pre-Sell Starter Guide
($497 Value)

 1st 20 People to Join Today Only!


3 Step Production System
($797 Value)

 1st 10 People to Join Today Only!

All 100% Covered by Our:

3 Year Head Start SPEEDY Guarantee

A Typical Trade school can cost upwards of $5,000-15,000. And take up to 2-5 years to complete. Many times Without even a job placement or new skill guarantee.

We Give you a 3 Year Head Start SPEEDY Guarantee & Get you Making Candles FAST Without Stress or Your Money Back. That means you can cut through the fluff and start cranking out candles IMMEDIATELY, even as a total beginner. Making it fun & Saving you a Ton of time so that you can spend it with your friends and family.

Thats a Grand Total Value of $5,442!!!

Regular Price: $997

Today's Price: ONLY $297*


What happens after I join?
As soon as you join you will be given the link to the Private Rustic Candle Secrets Member Area. Inside all of the Course Content and Resources will be instantly available for you to go through at your own pace.
What if I have Questions?
You can email my Support Team any Candle Making Questions and they will forward them to me. Then I will personally reply to you & help you out.
Is this Program Beginner Friendly?
Yes, this is a Very Beginner Friendly Course. I take you from ground zero of never made a candle before and walk you through each step of making them until you are a Pro!
How long will it take me to make my 1st Candle?
That will all depend upon you and when you get started. Some people like to watch all the steps 1st, then get started and others like to follow along step by step. But you can easily make a candle in less than a few hours, even as a beginner with my guidance in Rustic Candle Secrets.
What Tools or Supplies will I need?
Most people already have the few tools required to make candles in their home. But if not, it is a very short list: Some pots, a thermometer and a kitchen scale. As far as supplies go, that will depend upon how crafty you want to get and what all you want to make. However, the ONLY ingredient needed to make your 1st Candle Tart batch is simply some wax. But we give you our Vetted Supplier List so you can get Any Supplies & Tools needed from Trusted Sources and at Wholesale prices. (Note: State Tax ID may be required for Wholesale or Tax Free Pricing).
Can I let my Friends and Family watch the Candle Classes?
Normally, we would ask that you don't share our intellectual property with others due to Copyright Laws. However, we understand the nature of this course & how candle making is always more FUN shared in a group environment. So YES, absolutely invite your friends & family to join you making candles with us!!! 🥰 Please NOTE: (You are NOT allowed to Resale or Distribute our Content on the Internet to Strangers.) 

Want to see a Sneakpeek of the Course?

E. Stricklin (Owner, Creator & CEO)
Rustic Territory, LLC.

P.S... If You Scrolled to the End!

Here is the Deal, I have poured my Blood Sweat and Tears... (Literally) into making "Rustic Candle Secrets" the BEST Candle Making Course on the Market! 

And because I want to Serve Even More Candle Makers like You... Today, I want to Gift it to you + All the BONUSES at a Whopping $700 OFF what I normally Charge for people to join. 

But that is only if you are an Action Taker who is ready to Hit the Ground running and Start Making Candles without the Stress today!

Rustic Candle SECRETS:
 Rustic Candle Secrets (10 Lesson Course)  (Valued at $2,995)
 Lifetime Access to All Course Updates     (Valued PRICELESS)
 Candle Curriculum & Calculator Combo       (Valued at $979)
 Candle Making Journal                                    (Valued at $20)
 Candle Wicking Blueprint                                 (Valued at $57)
  BONUS #1: "DIY" Candle Making Cookbook (Valued at $97)
  BONUS #2: Candle Pre-Sell Starter Guide     (Valued at $497)
  BONUS #3: 3 Step Production System          (Valued at $797)
Normally $997, Today $297 
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ONE TIME OFFER (just $3): Be 100% Certain Everything Legally Required by Law is On your Candle Labels! Learn how to Design Your Own Labels for FREE!!! Or where to get them Designed for Super Cheap! Print from the Comfort of Your Home. Or have Printed for You & Delivered to your Door! No Special Training, Tech Skills or Expensive Equipment Required with this Simple to Read Walk-Through ebook.

ONE TIME OFFER (just $17): The DIY Candle Labels ebook is an edited version of a Private Live Class we did for our Private Candle Coaching Students. Today, we will give you an Inside look & let you watch the full presentation if you add the Video Walkthrough to your order for only $17. Again, this information is Not Pubic and will Not be found Anywhere else. Add it to your order today to get the full visual breakdown of How to create your Candle Labels.

How do you want to pay? amount
Dynamically Updated $XX.00
Rustic Candle SECRETS:
 Rustic Candle Secrets (10 Lesson Course)  (Valued at $2,995)
 Lifetime Access to All Course Updates     (Valued PRICELESS)
 Candle Curriculum & Calculator Combo       (Valued at $979)
 Candle Making Journal                                    (Valued at $20)
 Candle Wicking Blueprint                                 (Valued at $57)
  BONUS #1: "DIY" Candle Making Cookbook (Valued at $97)
  BONUS #2: Candle Pre-Sell Starter Guide     (Valued at $497)
  BONUS #3: 3 Step Production System          (Valued at $797)
Normally $997 Today Only $297 

Special Offer Expires Soon!

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