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What is the Rustic Survey Team???

  • Step #1 - Take Surveys. 🗒️✏️
  • Step #2 - Get Rewarded!!! 🤑💸
  • Step #3 - CASH in Rewards on Farmhouse Decor. 🐷🐮🐔

Big-Businesses Do This:

We have seen that the majority of Large Retail Stores who offer "Beta Testing" programs ship you products to "test" or review on a regular basis.

But Then This Happens...

  • Forced Products: You get stuck with a bunch of products you don't even like or want.
  • The Problems Begin: You have to sell or give away these products because they pile up and clutter your home.
  • More Problems:  Or you are forced into returning the products after a trial period to avoid getting charged.
  • ​Hassle & Headaches:  That come with a logistical nightmare and a Ton of Time Commitment with packing and shipping on your end.
  • ​Un-Welcomed Expenses: You have to buy your own packing supplies or Over-Pay at the counter for Done for you Services.
  • The WORST Part: If you don't complete the return process during the time allowed you risk being automatically billed for those Unwanted products!

How does it work???

We simply ask you to answer 
Bi-Weekly Short Surveys and in exchange for your feedback...
We Spoil YOU with Savings.

Our Survey Team Gets:

  • Immediate Access to a Private Members Area: Loaded full of Benefits and each week, something New is Un-Locked for you.
  • FREE Samples Available: Along with opportunities to receive Heavily Discounted Products.
  • FREE Gift Cards & Coupons: Given in exchange for your Feedback on our Surveys for you to use on ANY product you WANT. 
  • WIN FREE Prizes: Each month, we do a Beta Only Raffle Drawing and if you like the posted prize, register for a chance to WIN it 100% FREE!
  • You get Early Access: We will give you First Dibs on New Products both Physical and Digital as they are Developed.
  • SECRET Specials: We give you access to Specials Not Available to Anyone Else. Exclusively for Survey Takers ONLY.
  • ​No Forced Products: Anything you buy with the Rewards we give you is Completely up to you!
  • No Return Nightmares: Since we are not Auto Shipping you Random Products, you are Not forced to Return products after a Trial Period. 
  • ​Never Billed for Un-Wanted Products: Since there is no trial period, you don't have to worry about being billed for unwanted products if you don't return them in time.
  • The BEST Part: You get Frequent Savings Off Retail Prices and You get to KEEP the Products You Pick Out!

See what Our Survey Takers have to Say...

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Nancy Harris: "They ain't kidding when they say they give you Rewards for your Survey Answers, I have been Saving a Ton on my home decorating!"
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐         Peggy Bower: "I had a little trouble getting into the Members Area but every since they helped me over the phone, I have been loving being a Survey Taker."
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Susan Lambert: "I always love to Support Small Businesses, especially the ones owned by Veterans! My father served in the Army during WWII."
  • ​⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Kelly Lewis: "Rustic Territory has been a pleasure to work with. I love this Company and their Products!"
  • ​⭐⭐⭐                Jennifer Allen: "I thought I was going to get products shipped to me, so I was a little disappointed at first. But other than that, I like being on the Team!"
  • ​⭐⭐⭐⭐         Vicki Walters: "I have ordered several things from them and only had one problem. One item arrived broke in the mail, probably because my Mailman threw it on the porch. I watched him do it, SMH. But Rustic Territory still took responsibility and shipped a free replacement right away. Which was nice! Usually I have to hassle a Company to get something like that corrected. But their replacement program was simple. I recommend buying your farmhouse goods from them"
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  ​Eric Patterson: "I love how the Owner Emily is so involved with this Survey Team. She is very hands on with us. You just don't get that kind of time and attention from larger Company CEO's. You can tell she really cares about her customers."


What Responsibilities Will I Have?
We simply ask that you provide your honest feedback on our Survey Questions. 
How long are the Surveys?
Normally our surveys are about 10 questions. sometimes less and they are mainly multiple choice with a few fill in the blank.
How Often Do I have to Answer Surveys?
We only do Bi-Weekly Surveys. We email you when one is available and you can fill it out at your convenience. There are no deadlines and all feedback is Greatly Appreciated & You will be Instantly Rewarded Upon Completion!
Do we ship you Random Products to "Test"?
No. This is a Survey Team. So, we want to be 100% Transparent about that up front. Anything you order with your rewards is up to you.
Is this a Good Fit for Me?
If you love helping support Small Businesses and want to be REWARDED for your time without much effort on your end, then YES! If you want something for nothing, then No.
How Long Do I have to be on the Rustic Survey Team?
We have Zero Contracts or Time Commitments on our Program. You are welcome to leave any time. But the Longer you Stay, the More Access to Savings OFF Retail Prices you get.
How Much Can I Save?
That all depends on your Shopping Habits. But if you are going to be buying Farmhouse Decor for your home often, why NOT get a discount?
Why did we Start a Rustic Survey Team?
We are trying to build a Stronger Connection with our Customers. The best way to do that is to "Ask you what YOU Want and then give it to you!" Hence, the Surveys... It's a WIN-WIN for everyone, Happy Customers= Happy Business! 🥰

You're Going to Love Being a Survey Taker for Rustic Territory! ❤️

But Hurry, we are Only Allowing 200 Members on our Team.

We are a Small Veteran Owned Business out of Ft. Worth, Texas and we are trying to grow. We are looking for a small group of dedicated Farmhouse Décor Enthusiasts to help answer Surveys about our products. If that excites you, then we want to invite you to apply to our Survey Team. Click the button below to apply. If approved, you will get access to these Rewards and More. But hurry, Spots are Filling Fast!

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